Welcome to Project Drum!


Fara Tolno is excited to present to you the expanded programming and opportunities available with Project Drum. Fara is constantly furthering his education in music and dance and has completed his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado. This on-going expansion of knowledge, along with his extensive traditional African training and education, will continue to be implemented into the techniques and programming of Project Drum. Working with revitalized methodologies and an extended trained faculty, Fara Tolno and Project Drum provide an optimal, one of a kind experience in music and dance education.

The mission of Project Drum is to provide rhythm based educational and team building services to schools, organizations, teams, music educators and corporations.

Rooted in the rich musical traditions of West Africa, we strive to bring people from all walks of life together for for a joyful and enriching experience.

We strive to accomplish this by:

  1. Working directly with students through Artist-in-Residence programs.
  2. Providing in-depth, graduate level workshops for music educators.
  3. Providing fun and inspiring In-Service programs with entire school faculties.
  4. Helping corporations, teams and organizations work more effectively, by coming together through drumming and dance.
  5. Inspiring and educating people of all ages, colors, cultures and backgrounds through our performances and assemblies.